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Appeal for Witnesses
Write a statement - including your name, nationality, date of birth, contact details, how you were treated, how you saw other people being treated, and if you have any witnesses – and send it to the Legal Team, Amnesty International in your home country (if it concerns events inside the jail), your country’s consulate in Prague, and the Czech Embassy in your country. Czech people should contact the Amnesty International Secretariat in London (in the Czech language):

1 Eaton Street
London WC1X 8DJ
United Kingdom

Tel. + 44 171 413 5500
Fax: +44 171 956 1157

*Contact media in your country. If you need help with this or more facts, contact the Legal Team or the Media Team (0604 384452).

International Support

If you're outside the Czech Republic, organize a rally at the Czech embassy in your country. A large group of Spaniards pressured the Czech Embassy in Spain to release Spanish protestors from jail. On September 28, Spanish protestors were released, but many chose to stay in jail as an act of jail solidarity, demanding that arrested protestors of other nationalities get the same treatment. Similar protests outside of Czech embassies have been organized in Barcelona, Paris and Oslo.