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INPEG is only organizing a handful of events in Prague. There are also world-wide actions being planned by thousands of diverse groups. Many of the websites listed below will give you a better informed idea of what will be happening outside of Prague -- in solidarity with the Eastern European community -- and will furnish contact numbers and email addresses for you to get involved.

If you know of a website to add to this list, please email the URL to the website editor at
The definitive website for organizing and networking September 26 Global Day of Actions around the world. Visit them for hints on creative actions.
The Czech INPEG Czech.
Produced for protests of the IMF and World Bank in Washington, D.C. this past April, this site offers coverage of the event as well as good informative articles on the IMF, WB and their development and lending policies.
The Central and Eastern European Bankwatch Network monitors the activities of international financial institutions.
Corporate Watch monitors multinational corporations.
The 50 Years Is Enough website offers a long list of S26 solidarity actions happening in the US.
A funny and informative website. Check out Ecological Economist Herman Daly's retirement speech from the World Bank.
The official website of the 2000 IMF and World Bank Annual Meetings in Prague.
The Bank Info Center is an amazing resource for information on international financial institutions.
The People's Global Action Network is a network of grassroots movements united against resisting economic globalization.
The Sustainable Energy and Economy Network website has a good deal of information on natural resource projects of the IMF.
Learn more about third world debt, how the IMF and World Bank contributes to mass poverty, and what can be done to encourage G7 countries to drop the debt.