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Jail Reports

September 28, 2000

Shocking Human Rights Abuses Faced by Protestors in Jail,

Police Brutality Widespread

PRAGUE -- In addition to the mass denial of the legal rights, individuals have faced extreme brutality in Czech Jails. Paul Rosenthal from Seattle, Washington who was released this morning from the Olsanska jail in Prague after forty hours states, "What is happening inside the Czech jails is more than frightening. People have no rights, they are being beaten severely, they are disappearing. Women are being forced to strip in front of male guards and perform exercises. People with serious medical problems have been denied help." The following are accounts confirmed by people that have been released from jail:

  • Many individuals are being denied water, food, and sleep; some are able to get food only if they pay guards, women and fascists are more likely to get water
  • Many people released have reported that before reaching police stations, officers took individuals to isolated areas and beat them severely.
  • Two Norwegians that went to a police station on Prisparni Street near Vlatavska to report a stolen mobile phone witnessed behind briefly opened doors that a number of people were handcuffed to the wall and being beaten severely.
  • There is one report that 22 people were crammed into a 4 square meter cell.
  • 30 People were detained at the Olsanska jail in an outdoor courtyard overnight with no blankets or food. They were later moved to Balkova near Pilsen.
  • Two Germans that were detained in Lupacova, Praha 3 on Wednesday for approximately eight hours were held with an Israeli, an American, a German, and an Italian. The Israeli had been beaten severely, had difficulty walking, a black eye, and likely had a broken rib. He has been denied medical attention
  • People with diabetes were not fed, people that needed medication were not given it, the British Embassy had to intervene to get medication into the jail.
  • Right to legal representation and advice, right to interpreters, right to food and water, right to basic medical attention, and the right to a phone call have all been ignored on a widespread scale.
  • It is possible that Czechs and Israelis are being beaten more drastically and are being detained longer.
  • Many internationals are being moved from local stations to Balkova near Pilsen which has one of the worst human rights records in the Czech Republic.

To arrange interviews with people recently released, contact Cyan IMMEDIATELY: 0605 879 504.