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Post Tramatic Stress Disorder

After suffering from any stressful or traumatic experience it is possible to develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

You can view this page in Spanish or English
The symptoms include:

- anxiety
- depression
- social withdrawal
- nightmares
- loss of concentration
- "flashbacks"-when intrusive images of what happened come back. This can be triggered by noises or the sight of certain things ie anxiety on seeing a policeman.

In order to prevent this illness from occuring it is very important to talk about everything that happened to you, and how it made you feel - to keep reliving the events. This may be painful and stressful, but it is the only way to work things through.
You can talk to friends, strangers, in groups or with trained counsellors. If you keep going through the events, feelings of anxiety, fear, guilt and anger will subside.

For further information,support or counselling, phone

Julie - 0604 965225 (speaks English)
Marek - 0603 968504 (speaks English and Czech)


Despues de una experiencia de stress o trauma,es posible que gente sufra de desorden post traumatico.

Los sintomas includen

- anxiedad
- depresion
- introversion
- pesadillas
- dificultades de concentracion
- "flashbacks" (cuando imagents de lo que paso vuelven a la mente.) Esto quede occurir con ruidos o cuando veas ciertas cosas i.e.: ver un policia.

A fin de prevenir estos traumas, es muy importante de hablar sobre todo lo que paso. Esto puede parecer duro y dificil pero es la mejor manera de digerir lo que paso.
Puedes hablar con tus amigos, desconocidos, profesionales, en grupo. Durante este proceso de revivir lo que paso sentimientos de anxiedad, miedo, culpabilidad ... van a desparecer poco a poco.

Para mas informacion, apoyo o alguien para hablar, puedes llamar a

Julie: 0604 965225 (En)
Marek: 0603 968504 (Cz)