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Urgent Call for Donations

No WTO Dollars Copyright Nick CobbingDonate Your Time, Money or Materials to the Protest in Prague

American dollars or British sterling go a long way in Prague. Please consider making a donation to insure that our plans for Prague happen -- no ands, ifs or buts. The funds will be used to pay for the renting of a convergence space, street actions, legal and medical aid, communication tools like walkie-talkies, office costs, printing publicity, and necessary supplies for the week of (medical, art, food and water). You can also earmark your donation for a certain cause. We are in urgent need of funds, so please reach into your wallet to make Prague 2000 come alive.

For more information on making a donation of funds, contact

Or contribute to this account:

Cs. Armady 35
160 00, Prague 6
Czech Republic, Europe
account number: 163 775 396/5100
swift code: INBACZPP

Secondly, we are in need of people and the skills and materials they can bring to the protest. If you can help with something listed below, please contact


Non-violent direct action trainers, cooks, translators, computer specialists (hard and software), medics, lawyers, teachers, researchers, journalists/writers, photographers, artists, web designers, graphic designers, ad people, drivers, electricians, sound system owners, managers, administrators, printers, welders, painters, climbers, massage givers, musicians and countless others to show up on the day of the march.


Portable toilets, large water containers, medical kits, gas masks, mobile kitchens. Art materials (paints, canvas, chicken wire, wood, nails, screws, metal, paper, duct tape, glue, paint), tools (hand and power). Bikes, vehicles, generators, tents. Functioning office equipment (computers, mobile phones, printers, scanners, faxes, photocopiers, answering machines, and white office paper). Rope, clothes and costumes, sleeping bags and food.

In and around Prague:

Accommodation. We need housing for thousands of international visitors coming to Prague. Most will be able to pay a contribution towards rooming. Be creative: church halls, campsites and home stays will all do the trick.

Also needed are office spaces, venues for video nights and fund-raising parties, people to do outreach in local communities, people to join the working groups to prepare for the week of, large spaces for training, meeting and preparation of art, banners, puppets and direct action equipment.