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Media Sign-In

This page will supply you, the media, with late-breaking news on the upcoming protests of the IMF and World Bank in Prague this September. Download
informational articles on these financial institutions, read our current press releases; subscribe to our press release-only list-serv or contact INPEG press agents directly

INPEG Press Agents are available via the following:

telephone -- 420.223.20830, 420.604.384452, email --

telephone -- 420.604.556309, email --

Visit the INPEG Media Press Center at Parizska 9 (right off Old Town Square), Praha 1. Metro stop Staromestska.

To Subscribe to our press-release-only media list-serv, send a blank message to one of the following addresses: ....(for English) ......(for Czech) German) ..(for Spanish)

Please note that there may be a translation delay for languages other than English and Czech. To receive press releases via fax, contact the above press agents by email or phone.

Informational Articles

IMF and World Bank Accountability: Closing the Gap between Rhetoric and Reality
from News & Notices for IMF and World Bank Watchers, 2:2 Spring 2000.
-- An essay that details and evaluates IMF and World Bank policies, and suggests new mechanisms to improve their lending and development operations. Download this article as a
rich text file for Macs, or as a self extracting file for PCs.

Whither Reform? Ten Years of the Transition

by Joseph E. Stiglitz, Senior Vice President & Chief Economist of the World Bank. The keynote address of the World Bank Annual Conference on Development Economics in Washington, D.C., April 28-30, 1999.
-- An insightful critique of the World Bank’s role in helping Russia and China develop a market economy. Download this article as a
rich text file for Macs, or as a self extracting file for PCs.

Current Press Releases

INPEG Call to Action : March 1, 2000.
INPEG Counter Summit on Sept. 22-24 : September 13, 2000.
Global Day of Action at its Dawn :September 26, 2000
Day of Action Update:September 26,2000
Reports of Abuses in Prague Jails :September 28 ,2000