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INPEG Infocenter Opens in Prague for Outreach Purposes

An Infocenter is now open at Parizska 9, only 100 m away from the Old Town Square in Prague. The Infocenter is meant to act as an outreach tool -- disseminating information about the IMF and the World Bank, and about the work of INPEG and the nature of the protests to the Czech public. It will also serve as a welcoming and information point for demonstrators arriving in Prague.

Visit the Infocenter to find out more about the social and environmental impacts of IMF/WB policies, to find out who INPEG is and why we use non-violent direct action and civil disobedience, to gather information about actions happening around the world in solidarity with the Prague protests, and to read newspaper articles that are critical of the IMF and WB.

As a welcoming venue, the Infocenter will offer visiting demonstrators information about the different activities, locations and actions planned in Prague, a calendar of events, convergence center and volunteering info, and logistical and activist information (where to eat and sleep, how to use public transportation, legal and medical information).

The infocenter is a space for obtaining information only. To exchange ideas, meet, plan and prepare for the S26 actions, head to the Convergence Center.