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Convergence Center Opens, Now Needs Volunteers

The INPEG convergence center is now open and located on Libensky Most, 100 yards from the Palmovka metro station on the yellow line (C line). To get there, exit the metro stop by heading to the right where it says Holesovice, then cross the Libensky Most Bridge. The convergence center is a large building on the right, and stairs lead from the bridge to the ground level where the center is located.

In this space, demonstrators can come together as a community to share information and visions, make banners and puppets, and to hold trainings in legal rights, basic first aid, street theater, non-violent direct action skills, communication and more. One aim is to actively involve as many people as possible in the decision making. We will come together in massive meetings, so everyone can contribute to working out the details of the actions. We need volunteers to help make the center functional, so please view the list below to see where you could lend a hand.

The convergence centre will include the following spaces: information area, legal desk, media desk, health clinic, large space for art and supplies, ride and message board, child care, communication systems room, kitchen, large room for meetings, smaller rooms for trainings, relaxation room.

We need volunteers to fill or help with the following tasks:

-- Space co-ordinators to manage who uses what space when.

-- Security team to handle security for entire building, staffed 24 hours a day. Develops contingency plans for possible raids by police or others, also does rumor control and some conflict resolution.

-- Cleaning team to ensure that the space and bathrooms gets cleaned and that the trash gets taken out.

-- Multilingual welcome desk team who orientates newcomers to the space, creates and posts daily schedules, solicits donations, enlists volunteers and communicates with the Infocenter.

-- Medical team members who have previous experience.

-- Art space co-ordinator to orient people to tools and space, and helps to plan art activities.

-- Volunteer co-ordinator who checks in with each working group to find their volunteer needs and matches new arrivals with tasks.

-- Schedulers to collect schedules from each trainer/workshop, creates and posts daily schedules with room labels or locations.

-- Neighbourhood outreach team who speak Czech to inform our neighbors about the convergence space, explain the purpose of it, and ask them to communicate any problems they may have with it.

-- Off-site legal assistance team to help with any problems we might have with the convergence space.

-- Food co-ordinator to help with organizing and serving food.

-- Child-care volunteers. People are working to create a child-care space so that parents can take part in meetings and activities. Depending on the numbers of volunteers and children, we will be able to structure the space and send out more specific information. If you are planning to come with children, please inform us about dates, numbers and ages as soon as possible at

If you identify with one of these tasks and would like to volunteer or be a co-ordinator, please contact us as soon as possible at