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INPEG is creating a diverse week of protests, non-violent, creative direct action, education and outreach during the annual meetings of the IMF and World Bank in Prague. The aim of these activities is three-fold: to openly challenge the legitimacy of these financial institutions that perpetuate economic globalization; to highlight and educate people on the problems caused by economic globalization and IMF/WB policies; and to strengthen, unite and broaden the global movement against such unsound economic, social and environmental policies.

If you would like to help plan or take part in one of the following actions, please contact the appropriate party on our working group contact list.

September 18-28
Various IMF/WB meetings take place from the 18th to the 28th. So arrive early and stay late. View for a full schedule of Bank activities.

September 21 - World Car-Free Day
The symbolic end of the automobile age. INPEG joins up with the Prague-based
Car Busters for various actions and street theater in the city center, tackling what's been called "The Eleventh Plague."

September 22-24 - Counter Summit
Catch the kick-off: the Counter Summit, a three day forum that will examine the real costs of IMF and WB development policies and structural adjustment programs. The Summit will unite people from Eastern Europe, the Global South, and all other concerned individuals to envision and plan for alternatives to economic globalization and the institutions and policies that are currently promoting it.

September 24 - Art of Resistance Cultural Festival
This festival will combine art, education, and action to create a harmonious new world vision of earth, people and economy. Musicians, artists, theater groups, performers, and all interested will creatively express social change through art -- a reminder of Prague’s history as a culturally vibrant and politically-charged city.

September 24 - Parade Finale to the Counter Summit
The Counter Summit will culminate in a colorful educational and outreach parade through the streets of Prague, complete with puppets and street theater.

September 24 - Huge Celebration
Czech DJs, as well as many of the performers from the Cultural Festival, will put on a great show to help us celebrate our work towards global justice.

September 22-25 - Training Sessions and Workshops
Diverse groups from across the globe will conduct various training sessions for activists and concerned individuals. Some of these sessions will include:
....*..Consensus decision making : when and how to use it
....*..Facilitation: top tips for getting the most out of meeting
....*..Non-violent Direct Action:how to enable effective peaceful actions by defusing potentially violent situations
*..Legal: know your rights and responsibilities
....*..Medical: first aid on the streets
....*..Tactical: explore a variety of tactics for effective creative actions

September 26 - Global Day of Action
Around the world, hundreds of thousands of people will unite for global justice in protest of the IMF and WB. In Prague, the site of their annual meetings, the day will include various marches, non-violent direct actions, civil disobedience, street theater, reclaim the streets parties, completely peaceful demonstrations, and countless other decentralized, creative happenings.

September 27-28 - Continued Protests