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Czech Border Info
Read this Before You Leave for Prague

To Contact the Prague Border Group


Telephone: 00420-(0) 605 858 009, 00420-(0) 604 456 176, 00420-(0) 604 556 309

Legal Advice at the Border

-- You have the right to a translator and to be communicated with in a language that you understand while at the border.

-- You should demand a very detailed description of the reasons for which you have been denied access to the country.

-- Even if your vehicle is classified by the police as being illegal, it does not mean that they have a right to stamp your passport and prevent you from entering the country. Rampenplan was held at the border because their vehicle did not have a Netherlands Sticker on the back bumper.

Here is the INPEG Border Strategy:

All groups coming to Prague should read the following information and respond to the INPEG border team as soon as possible.

Steps to follow:

-- Before you leave the country make sure that one person knows that you have left and your approximate arrival time in the Czech republic. Tell them that you will phone when you arrive in Prague. If you haven't contacted them by a certain time they should phone 0604-456-176 or e-mail

-- Groups, particularly big groups, should contact with the following information: mobile phone number, which route you will be taking into the Czech republic, what day you will be leaving and approximately what time you will be crossing the border, how many people you are, what is your mode of transport. The reason for giving us these details is that we can support you as you cross the border. We can inform media and the legal observers and also keep people informed about which borders have been problematic. The legal observers have said they will try to have a presence at the border and in order for them to do this we need your information.

-- We will soon be providing numbers for lawyers for you to contact in case of an arrest situation.

-- Upon your arrival to Prague, border forms will be available at the Infocenter and Convergence Center. These forms will be used to gather information about peoples’ experiences crossing the borders, information which we will put out on the list serves and website. Please fill them in and utilize them. They will be crucial for other people who have not yet crossed the border.

-- Do not advertise the fact that you are going to a demonstration , dress sensibly and do not carry obvious "protest items" with you.

-- The strategy to co-ordinate border crossings is a good one (crossing as many people at the same place in the shortest possible time), as we can put more pressure on the Czech government.

Border Information Point

An info point will be manned at Dresden, 35 km from the Czech border in South Eastern Germany. At the info point, information will be available on the current situation at the borders and alternative border crossings. The info point will also act as a fall back point for people who are stuck at the border, where people can meet and plan other activities. There will also be the possibility to sleep and eat food.

The infopoint will at present be open on the 20th – 21st from 12.00pm to 8.00pm and from the 22nd to the 28th all day and all night.

The infopoint will be based in Dresden at the alternative centre ‘ AZ Conni’, Rudolf- Leonard- Strasse 39, 01099 Dresden. From the 20th-28th there will be a special information phone line – 0049 351 89960456. Or email for more information.


By Road: If you arrive from the highway, use exit Dresden-Hellerau, use the direction Dresden/ Prag. After approximately 600 metres turn left at the BP Petrol Garage, after another 1000 meters at the corner there is a hotel. Turn right, after another 50 meters on the right side is the AZ Conni.

By Train: Leave at Dresden Neustadt (not main train station). Every train from Berlin and Leipzig will stop there. Take Schlesischer Platz exit and turn left. Walk besides the railway track approx. 1000 meters. Then turn left second bridge under the railway and walk through into Rudolf Leonhard Strasse.

After approx. 500m AZ Conni is on the left-hand side.


Ya Basta Has Arrived

Nine-hundred Italians in the group Ya Basta arrived at the Czech-Austrian border yesterday afternoon. All were granted admission into the Czech Republic except seven people who did not have the proper papers and five people who were marked as persons non-grata. The large group decided not to leave them behind, got off the train, and filled the station. Soon word arrived that an Italian ambassador was to drive down and personally pick up four of the demonstrators who were denied entry and return with them to Prague. The Czech border police however did not approve, and the situation is currently being negotiated. Late last night, the demonstrators were encouraged to reboard the train to ensure that they arrived in time for the September 26 demonstrations. They have arrived in Prague and are now staying at Strahov Stadium.


Majority of Protestors Are Being Admitted to the Czech Republic

With a few protestors not being allowed into the Czech Republic, namely two "blacklisted" members of the Italian group Ya Basta, the good news is that the vast majority of protestors have arrived in Prague. One other protestor was denied entry due to an expired passport. Once again we stress the importance of valid passports, health insurance, and dressing sensibly.


Ramplenplan Gets Stopped, then Admitted to the Czech Republic

On Wednesday, September 13 the Dutch cooking collective Rampenplan was stopped at the German/ Czech border as they were on their way to the Action Camp currently taking place outside of Prague.

The four persons (3 Dutch + 1 American) got their passports stamped refusing their entry in to the Czech Republic -- without any reason and without explanation in a language they understand (which is their right in CZ). The only problems pointed out by the police were a mechanical problem of their van and the lack of a Netherlands sticker.

INPEG reacted very rapidly by putting the press, the legal team, and the OPH (the legal observers) on the case, as well as the Dutch embassy. The press arrived a short time after and the news was covered in the newspapers the next day.

There was no legitimate reason to refuse entry to the cooking collective. The head of Czech police drove all the way to the border to say things were OK.

In the evening of Thursday, September 15, Rampenplan made its second attempt to cross the border. After having every single item checked in their van (pots and pans, 6 computers, olive oil), they were allowed into the Czech Republic. They are now cooking up a storm at the Action Camp.