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Art of Resistance Cultural Festival

All Venues Drop Out, Festival Planned for September 24 5:00 PM - 12:00 AM

The Art of Resistance festival has taken a number of hits, with all five venues including Radost FX, Roxy, Akropolis, Lucerna Music Bar and an art gallery pulling out as venues for the INPEG Art of Resistance Cultural Festival -- what was to be a 3-day festival. The venues stated that they were afraid of being associated with INPEG and one noted that they were afraid of the police. An alternative space has been found at CKD Elektrotechnika.Kolbenova 5 (Vysocanska Metro Stop on the Yellow Line or trams 5,19 and 55), where all planned acts will perform on this one day.

The vision behind the festival is to move away from the imposed concept of confrontation to one of creativity. We will celebrate and express our opposition to the meeting of the IMF, World Bank and economic globalization through music, theater, dance, performance and other assorted creative happenings.

The line-up will include the following acts:

Les Levidow Folk (UK)
Dada Nabhaniilanan
Bloody Body
Dance/ Performance
Joe Crocker
Concert Pianist (UK)
Psychadelic Cowboys
(East West Blues Rock Punk Romania /Hungary/US)
Blaq Mummy
Joint Venture Sound System
Reggae/Dub, (Poland)
Karious Theatre
Physical Theater (USA)
Seize the Day
Folk (UK)
The Human Cell
Hardcore Rock/Rap
99 Posse
Hip Hop (Italy)
Hechos Kontra el Decoro
Funk/Hip Hop (Spain)
DJ Mikal Telle
Hip Hop (Norway)
Dj Urb
Techno (Norway)
Exist Soundsystem
Pilzen (Czech)
Joint Venture Soundsystem
Infernal Noise Brigade
Street Intervention (USA)
Fiambrera Omberra
Street Intervention (Spanish)