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Welcome to INPEG’s activist headquarters. On this website, you’ll be able to find all the necessary information for an activist’s trip to Prague. Visit our
Guide to Prague for activist, tourist and accommodation information, view our Calendar of Events for the low-down on what’s being planned, our Working Group Contact List to get involved, and our Wish List to donate your time, money or things. Read informational articles on the IMF and World Bank. Subscribe to our activist list-serv when you register below.

We ask that you register with INPEG, so that we have a better idea of how many people will be arriving in Prague, and can better accommodate you. Whether you’re a group of 100 people, or a single individual, please send your name (optional), organization (optional), email address (optional), date of arrival in Prague, date of departure from Prague, number of people in your group (including yourself), where you are coming from, if you need space for parking a bus, if you'd like to join our activist list-serv, and any other comments or questions you may have to

Note: Listing your name and other personal information is OPTIONAL.